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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thoughts Of You

Sometime this week as I was housekeeping. *Edit*Uhmm...that was last week around end of July 2010. I stumbled on files dating back 10 years - which can be read here. I started looking into it and started writing about it. This particular one (see below) took a life on its own. So I decided to break it and have it here solo - I was only going to mention that I lost it and I couldn't find it and it's about well. This!

Thoughts Of You : One of the very first ones I wrote (ehem this is where I don't want to share stuff - but then I thought it's a good idea to put up a photo.. hmm.. where's the don't want to share stuff there. -- ehem! Friends SSSSH!!!) - had a music accompaniment with it. Why don't I just say it was a song? That's what it was. I wrote a song! My only song! Complete with Lyrics and music - played in piano. Gone! This was more of a goodbye thing more than anything. Just before I left and went to Coffs Harbour and studied Multimedia.

Same reason why I wanted to leave Sydney and vowed not to return. Same reason mum couldn't understand why I had to travel all the way to Coffs Harbour and study there. Find a course in Sydney she says (not her words but something like that). I couldn't! When you were young and filled with emotion - UNSAID EMOTIONS! Uhmm. not quite unsaid - because it was in the song right? Right?? ugh! Where's them words!

This is one of the reason why mum was somewhat broke a little for the next few years, because I went away. No Austudy (that's what it was called then) help there too. Austudy is an a government rather tax payers funding for students over 25 years old. This was the year when the Howard government was in power - and they raised the age limit to 25 years before any support could be made. Therefore I had none

And from memory same reason why mum thought I was silly for crying when I was leaving - because it's only eight hours away by car and almost the same by train from home, a phone call away from home. I didn't tell her. Mum I have no intentions of coming back. I didn't tell her mum this is the last time you'll see me. But there's more to this story of not coming back ermm on this blog! -- oh wait. I have to write that blog too. Aaah!! To many stories to write. That link will work one day.

One could say this was a blessing in disguise as it pushed me to go and do something for myself. I did try but didn't quite make it. I gave up - because it was taking forever to get this rolling. Three years study and lots of door knocking and asking if they could let me in even as a junior. Couldn't care less, so long as my foot was in the door. But that's another story. Bottom line is I did little works here and there but never made it in full time basis and eventually just gave up and looked for something else - just a job to get me by everyday. Sad but there's where I found the passion for photography.

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