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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If Only

One orange summer afternoon. There lies a frangipani tree near the edge of a cliff. A valley below us, grassland and wide river stretching as far as the eye can see. The river surrounded by creatures of all kinds wallowing nearby, ending where the sun sets.

You and I sit silently under the frangipani tree as we watch the sun set towards the end of the river. Without a sound of our own voices, our hearts meld and enjoy the comfort of one another. Me, sitting down and leaning against the tree, whilst my arms wrapped around your body just below your chest. You, wearing a soft dress that ends just below your knees. A sleeveless top, pressing your back against my chest, head tilted back comfortably resting on my shoulder, hugging my arms that are wrapped around you. I brush my cheeks enjoying that sweet scent of fragrance coming from your neck, your cheek and your hair. Occasionally our lips touch ever so gently as we seal our affection for one another.

The soft cool breeze of air, the sounds of distant cicada’s echoes with chirping birds nearby. We allowed the picturesque view of this scene take control and bond us together as the sun slowly set.

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